There is a stream of aircraft which sell, but are never advertised. These aircraft sell at or near wholesale prices and most end users never even hear about them. These deals are snapped up almost as suddenly as they appear due to being the tremendous values that they are.

Murphy Acquisitions has helped many dealers, brokers and clients plug into this “wholesale underground” to great success. We can locate a better deal on a King Air than anyone else… guaranteed.

The following are but a few of the reasons Murphy Acquisitions has been so successful in connecting its clients to this wholesale underground.

We routinely call owners looking for aircraft coming on the market. We call often enough to know what they are thinking, but not so often to wear out our welcome. John Murphy has been speaking to King Air owners since the late 1980s and has developed countless relationships with present owners. This presents one of the best buying opportunities because you are offering the seller the ability to rid himself of the aircraft immediately without having to select a broker, advertise the aircraft and then settle for a yet to be determined figure at a yet to be determined time in the future. We offer an attractive convenience.

With information so easily available, once an aircraft becomes advertised in one place, everyone is notified of its existence. Buying the aircraft at a reasonable price becomes far more difficult because once everyone knows about it, you need only be the highest bidder to own it. Murphy Acquisitions provides its clients with the cutting edge research required to purchase aircraft before the rest of the world knows about it.

Another very important part of the wholesale underground is the reputation we have as being a major player in the King Air 200, B200, 300 and 350 markets. This is beneficial in two ways. First, we receive numerous calls every week from jet dealers or brokers that are being offered a King Air on trade for one of their aircraft. The King Air is often an obstacle to their ability to sell their own aircraft and they call us to help remove that obstacle. There have been numerous occasions when we were unable to purchase an aircraft when speaking directly to the owner, but were able to buy it at or near wholesale by coordinating with another dealer/broker taking the same aircraft on trade.

Furthermore, we have established numerous relationships nationally and internationally over the years. There are often times when one of these relationships, a “bird dog”, will call to notify of us of an aircraft coming on the market. The reasons they call us are many. As a specialist in the market, they know we are likely to have clients on hand. Sometimes the aircraft needs to be sold “quietly” for internal political reasons and they know that we can be trusted. Other times the individual simply doesn’t have an exclusive to sell and doesn’t have confidence in the overall dealer/broker community to honor them if they were to advertise the aircraft. However, they trust us and know they can speak freely without harmful recourse.

Another benefit we offer our clients is our database on King Airs. Having researched and tracked them for years we know most of the aircraft which have damage history, missing log books, questionable history and so forth. We often know more about the history of an aircraft than the present owner. There are times when purchasers aren’t told about damage history or missing records because the seller simply forgot or didn’t know. During the middle of a pre-purchase inspection is not the time you want to find out.

Murphy Acquisitions contracts with its customers on a flat fee basis. However, our fee is not due until an aircraft is located, passes pre-purchase inspection and closes. If we are unable to locate an aircraft that meets a customer’s parameters, the customer will owe us nothing. And in the rare instance when a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, they can give us seven (7) days notice and be released from our agreement with no further monetary obligations*.

With Murphy Acquisitions you will gain the inside track to the wholesale underground, where aircraft can be purchased at or near wholesale prices. Please contact us today to discuss the acquisition process and the specifics of the aircraft you are searching. The savings will be substantial and the risk absolutely minimal. Your enthusiastic satisfaction is guaranteed.

• After termination, customer agrees not to pursue the purchase of any aircraft presented to them by Murphy Acquisitions for a period of ninety (90) days.


"I cannot over emphasize the value I place on the services provided by John Murphy and his dedicated staff.

They delivered in spades the services promised...

Knowing that the market was trending downward and using his guidance, we made three low offers that were not accepted. The fourth time proved a winner. Moreover, after I was ready to agree to a counter offer, John, who does all of the negotiating, advised me to counter again. Reluctantly, I did, the seller agreed,and I recouped over 83% of John’s fees in that one step. Bottom line: At no point did I ever think John was thinking of anyone but me, the buyer.

All in all, our King Air purchase was a positive experience without surprises, and I give my strongest recommendation for Murphy Acquisitions to anyone considering their services."

— Brown Word, Austin, Texas